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Frozen All Over (Chapter 3)

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen and of the characters along with some of the names in this story.

Chapter 3: Playing With Anna & Talking With Elsa (Part 2)

“Psst. Rilliane, wake up…”

I groan as I feel a heavy weight on my body. Who would bother me at this hour?

“Rilliane, wake up…”

Oh wait…


Groaning, I open my eyes and am immediately greeted by Anna’s enthusiastic face. “Good morning, sis!” She greets me with a grin. “Good night to you too…” I reply groggily before returning to my wonderful sleep. “Come on, Rilliane, let’s play!!” She exclaimed as she continuously jumped on m bed. “I would play with you if you would stop jumping on my bed—no, on me more likely.” I spoke, slightly irritated.  “Oh. Sorry.”

She then jumped down from my bed and I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes. “What time is it?” I asked, yawning. “It’s 7 am, I think.” She replied, before grabbing my hand and literally yanking me out of bed. “Come on, let’s play!!” She said, dragging me out of my room. “W-wait, Anna, I’m still in my sleeping wear.” I tell her. It’s hard to run in this thing, you know. “Who cares? I am too!” She said. “But what about breakfast?” “Forget breakfast and play with me!!”

Despite wanting to eat the delicious looking breakfast they prepared for us, I just couldn’t say no to her. It was fun playing with her, I don’t even remember having a childhood like this before.

Maybe it’s because you never had a childhood.

I shook my head. No, now is not the time to remember that. I promised myself I wouldn’t suck myself back into that time, back to when everything was miserable. I won’t and I never will, not again.

Before I realized it, we were already going down the stairs and somehow midway, Anna tripped and ended up falling down the stairs once again. “Are you okay?” I ask, slightly concerned. “I’m fine.” She smiled at me. I helped her up and she instantly dragged me again.

The rest of the day was just like yesterday. We played in the garden; we talked to each other, and repeated the first action again. It was fun, REALLY fun. I’ve never had so much fun in my entire life and I don’t think I’ll ever experience anything like this in my world; especially since I am no longer a child there and will stay the same for eternity.

You see, in my world, I am not an ordinary human nor am I mortal. I am the goddess of time and eternity, the daughter of father time, Chronos. I have the power to bend the will of others and change fate as I please. I also have the ability to enter different dimensions such as the one I am currently in. My name changes each time I travel, the only thing that stays the same is my appearance and first name, Rilliane.

It was my mother’s name, my father told me. My mom was a mortal or more specifically a human. My father fell in love with her when he came to earth and that’s when he had me. Now, I know you’re thinking that I’m supposed to be a demi-god, and you’re right. I was a demi-god before the death of my father the day of my thirteenth birthday, but then he willed me his power and authority the moment he died.

That’s when I became Queen of my kingdom, Cronus. Being Queen was hard, my entire childhood forgotten and ruined. I always had to deal with work and take the insults my older sisters, daughters of women my father once had an affair with, always gave me. They hated me obviously due to the fact that I was given the power of the most powerful God and his throne. The eldest of them was supposed to take it, after all.

This was how I lived my life. I was first a daughter, then a Queen, and now I am a time traveller. I know I will never get the childhood I always wished for back, but at least now I will be able to experience it in a way I want to.

“Rilliane, are you alright?” Startled, I looked up and saw Anna’s concerned face. How long was I spacing out? Forcing a smile, I replied. “Perfectly fine.” “Oh. Okay then!” She grinned. She then resumed walking while I followed behind silently.

I know I will never get my childhood as a normal girl who only wished to be part of ‘them’.


“Are you ready to enter a world you always dreamed of?”


“Are you ready to become the new Queen of an entire new world?”

What is…going on…?

“Are you ready to enter the world where dreams and fantasy exist?”

I don’t get it…what is happening to me…? Wait…

“Are you ready, Rilliane?”

No…not again…please say no…please say no…

My eyes stared at the screen, wide-eyed. ‘Was this really happening?’ I thought. “Um…” My mouth began to move on its own, even if I tried to force it to shut. “I…” No…don’t let it happen again, Rilliane. Don’t let it happen again… “Guess…” Don’t! “So…?”

And as if the devil appeared, a man in a black cloak appeared and gave me a devilish smirk. “Welcome to hell, Queen Rilliane.”

Before I knew it, the screen began to suck me in and I couldn’t do anything but let it. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized I might never return.

I will never return to those ten years of living as a normal, human child.



I shot up from my bed instantly. I was panting all over and my heart was beating faster than usual. I removed my blanket and got out of bed. That dream…I don’t really remember where it came from but I know it happened before. But where…?

I shook my head. No, now’s not the time to be thinking about that, Rilliane.

Glancing at my clock, I saw that it was already 12 midnight and so I had to go to Elsa now. I know I could’ve gone at earlier time and I was actually planning to. But then Anna really wore me out today that I ended up going to sleep.

Leaving my room, I walked towards Elsa’s familiar white door; but not before making sure Anna was asleep of course. When I was sure she was (thank God she didn’t wake up from my shout), I continued my walk and soon found myself standing in front of Elsa’s door.

Knocking the same way like before, I speak.



Elsa’s Point of View

I was startled when I had heard Rilliane’s shout. What was that about? Could she have had a bad dream? Wait, why am I so concerned? I’m really confused right now.

Shaking my head, I patiently wait for Rilliane to come here. I guess she fell asleep, that’s why she shouted and probably why she was late.

I don’t know why but for some reason, I’m really interested in her. Is it because she’s just like me? Or…is it because she’s my new little sister? I’m not sure which is correct, or maybe both are correct. Well, that doesn’t matter right now, I can hear her knock again.


Standing up, I get closer to the door and reply. “You’re late.” Really? Is that seriously the first thing you can say Elsa? “Sorry. I had a bad dream.” I heard her apologize. “About what?” I asked. I was curious, obviously. What would make her shout so loud? In fact, I’m surprised Anna hasn’t woken up yet. “I…” She paused. Was she hesitating? “…I don’t remember.” She finished. She did hesitate. Was she hiding something from me? “Are you sure? Maybe you can remember a little bit.” I told her. I was really curious and suspicious. “No. Nothing at all.” I mentally groaned. I’ll just save that for another time.

“So…how are your powers holding up?” She asked. The door grew cold and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. “I’m not sure,” I replied, leaning against the door. Twice the cold on the door now. “How about you?” “Perfectly fine.” “Are you sure? The door tells me otherwise.” I smiled. “What? Who says I did that?” “I do because the door became ice cold before I touched it.” “It did? Oops.” I laughed.

This girl was really interesting.


Rilliane’s Point of View

Elsa and I talked to each other the whole night. Even if we couldn’t see each other, we could feel each other through the rime on the door (that we had accidentally created). It was fun, just like when I was with Anna. But Elsa was calmer, and it made me relax when I was around her. I guess it’s because of the sense of maturity I always feel around her.

After a while, I became sleepy and bid well night to her. She did the same and I immediately returned to my room.

Today was fun, and I knew it.

Frozen All Over (Chapter 2)

A/N: So this is chapter 2 of Frozen All Over and…yeah.

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen and any of its characters along with some of the names in this story.

Chapter 2: Playing With Anna and Talking With Elsa (Part 1)


…What do we do about the child?” “Her parents are probably worried sick about her.” “Should we tell the king and queen?” “I don’t know…”

Opening my eyes, I was greeted by the sight by two strangers. One of them was a maid and the other was a butler. “Huh…? Who are you?” I asked as I sat up and rubbed my eyes. “I’m Madeline. We work here at the castle.”

“Are you mad at me for coming here?” I asked. “Of course not, dear. Everyone has his or her moments like this. You were just curious, that’s all.” She smiled.

“May I ask, but how did you get here?” “I followed the ice trail.” I replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Madeline seemed to stiffen a bit but when I blinked my eyes, she was smiling. “Anyways, we need to get you back home. Your parents must be worried about you.” I stared at her blankly. “I don’t have parents.”

I then noticed the two gasp slightly. “No parents?” I heard them whisper. “Go tell the King and Queen, they might want to see her.” “But what about the reindeer?” “I suppose you tell them about it too.”

Nodding, the butler left and it was only I and Madeline left. “What are you going to do to me?” I ask. “Well, we’re going to see if the King and Queen will want to see you.” “Oh.”

Suddenly, at that moment, Sven jumped up and hid behind my back after noticing Madeline. “This Sven. He’s shy, I think.” I explained. “Think?” “Sven is the best friend of a boy I met before I came here. I promised him that I would let Sven return but then the gates were closed. “Well then, we’ll make sure he goes home safely.”

After that, the butler soon returned. “The King and Queen wish to see you.” He told me. “Are they mad?” I asked. You know, I noticed I haven’t been making that much side comments. “No. They only wish to see you.” “Oh.”

“Come along then,” Madeline smiled at me and offered her hand. I gladly took it and she lead me to the throne room.

Soon, we had reached said room and I could see the King and Queen in the distance. I noticed that Madeline left so it was only the three of us.

“Hello,” The Queen smiled and approached me. “What’s your name?” She asked kindly. “Rilliane, your highness.” I replied. Although, I am not used to calling people that since in my world, I am the Queen of all magic and they usually call me that. Not that I let them either way since I hate it when they call me that.

“Rilliane. What an odd yet beautiful name.” The King commented, approaching us. “Thank you, sir.” I smiled.

“It seems you know your manners for someone without parents.” The Queen spoke. “Well, it feels like I’ve been trained for years.” I replied. “And your vocabulary is well-advanced for your age as well.” The King said.

“Pardon me for saying this, your highness. But didn’t you want to see me for something else?” They were getting off track, I noticed. “You’re a smart one,” The King said. “But yes, we have come to ask you a few things.”

“You said you don’t have any parents, like we mentioned earlier, correct?” The Queen asked. “Yes.” “And that you followed the ice trail.” “Yes. The one created by the princess.” I replied. Why are they asking me this? The first and second questions weren’t even related to each other at all.

Although, I noticed that the smile on the Queen’s face faded after I had mentioned the princess. She looked at the King, concerned, before facing me once more. “Does anyone else know?” “Only my friend, Kristoff. But I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t tell anyone if that’s what you’re going to ask.” They both seemed relieved.

“Well, Rilliane.” The Queen smiled once again. “How about you stay here in the castle with us?” “I can?” I asked, surprised. “Of course.” At first, I wasn’t that much excited since all my life I lived in a castle; but then I remembered a certain saying: ‘When in Rome, act like romans’. And so, in my case, the saying should be: When a kid, act like kids. Grinning, I jumped up and down. “I’m going to live in the castle!” Yes you are!!” The Queen smiled. The King seemed slightly bothered but he just smiled at me.

“But,” The Queen added. “On one condition.” I looked at her, slightly curious as to what this condition was. “You must promise you will never tell my youngest, Anna, about Elsa’s powers.” Anna? Elsa? Could they be the princess’? Their names are so familiar…I think I’m slowly learning where I am. “I promise.” I replied.

“Good. So from now on, you will be part of our family, Rilliane.” “What is your full name, Rilliane?” The King suddenly asked. I tilted my head, why does he want to know? Shrugging, I replied. “Rilliane Lucifen d’ Autriche, sir.” The King and Queen seemed surprised. Why?

“Thank you, Rilliane. Uh…Madeline,” At that moment, Madeline entered the room. “Yes, your majesty?” “Make sure that Rilliane’s room is next Anna’s. The girl will be needing company.” “Yes, your highness.” “And introduce her to Anna.”

With new orders, Madeline bowed and she took my hand before we both left the room.

Normal Point of View

“That girl…could she really be…?” “No, Marianne. It’s impossible.”

The King and Queen sat on their thrones, discussing about their recently adopted daughter. “But her name…it’s exactly like the first Queen’s, Nicolas.” Marianne spoke. “Maybe it is just a coincidence. You’ll never know.” Nicolas said. “Maybe…”

“For now, although. We need to worry about her ability.” “Right. The power to control ice…she’s just like Elsa.” “But far more powerful. If not, she wouldn’t have frozen the entire stables in her sleep.” “We must remind her to hide her abilities; especially around Anna.” “I already told Madeline so for now, let’s just hope for the best.

Rilliane’s Point of View

“Hey, Madeline?” I faced the woman walking next to me. “Yes?” “The Queen said I’m part of their family…does that mean I’m a princess now?” “Well, yes.” I smiled. It’s been a while since I’ve been a princess. Ever since my instant coronation when I was thirteen, people started calling me ‘your majesty’ or ‘your highness’ or ‘Queen’. Seriously though, I hated it. It was so fancy I kept on reminding people to just call me by my name.

“Wait, does that mean I can meet the other princess’?” I ask, realizing the meaning of being the sibling of two princess’. “Yes. But only Princess Anna. Princess Elsa does not like being bothered.” “I see…” “Anyways, here is your room.”

She opened the door and I was not surprised to see a really large bedroom with a king-sized bed in the middle. But, when a kid, act like a kid. “This is…my room?” I asked with fake amazement. I’m pretty good at acting, actually. “Yes. It’s all yours.” She smiled. I face her. “Tell the king and queen—my mother and father that I am very grateful later.” “Of course.”

After looking around the room, I am left without any idea on what to do. “So…what do I do now?” I ask Madeline. “Well, your parents told me to introduce you to Anna.” “Oh. How old is she anyway?” “She is only two years younger than you. You are actually close to Princess Elsa’s age.” “So does that mean she’s my little sister?” “I believe so.” I smile again.

I was the youngest of my family. My younger sibling died after birth so I never got to experience having a real little sister or brother.

With that, we walk to the room only directly next to mine and Madeline knocks on it. “Princess Anna, I have someone I want you to meet,” Madeline spoke. At that, I heard the sound of feet shuffling before the door opened. Once it did, the girl I saw last night appeared and looked at me. It seems she was expecting someone else due to the look of disappointment on her face the moment she saw me.

“Who are you?” She asks a bit coldly. “Um…I’m Rilliane. Your parents just, uh…” How do I say this to someone I just met? ‘Your parents just adopted me so I’ll be your new sister! Yay!’…Not. Looking for help, I looked at Madeline who seemed to get the message and faced Anna. “Princess, Rilliane will be your new sister from now on due to certain circumstances.”

Surprisingly, Anna’s face lit up. “Sister?” She repeated. “Uh, yeah. Nice to meet you.” I offered her my hand to shake and she took it quicker than expected. “You’re the first person who’s never bowed; not that you need to since you are my new sister anyway.” She grinned. I’m supposed to bow? “Oh! Sorry for forgetting—ow!” Just as I bow, I accidentally hit the side of the door and I can immediately hear Anna’s laughter following after. “I like you, you’re really funny!” I scratched the back of my head. Well I at least impressed her.

Then, I had an idea.

“Hey, do you want to see the reindeer I got here with?” I asked with a smile. Her eyes lit up and she smiled excitedly. “Reindeer? As in like Santa’s?” “Yup! Problem is he can’t fly.” “Can I see him?” “Yeah, but after that I have to let him go back to his best friend in the forest.” “Oh…” “B-but we’ll see him again someday! So for now, let’s go!!”

With that, I took her hand and we ran towards the stables.

I was glad to see a smile on that once sad face of hers.


When we reached the stables, we found Sven just waiting to return to his friend. Well, that was obviously to be expected. “Hey, Sven.” I caressed his fur and watched as he placed his tongue out due to enthusiasm. “This is the princess, my new little sister.” Sven faced Anna and licked her on the face. I watched as she giggled and petted Sven. “It’s nice to meet you too, Sven!”

“I think he likes you,” I spoke with a smile. “He does? Awesome!” She grinned happily.

“Well, I guess now’s the time to send him back.” I placed my hands on my hips. “Aww, but I still want to play with him!!” Anna whined. Sven seemed to protest slightly too but I knew the little fella wanted to return to Kristoff. I promised the said boy that I would return him too. “Sorry, Anna. But I promised my friend I would return him.” “Aw…fine…” She then petted one last time before saying her good byes.

“Go on, Sven. I’m pretty sure the guards will open the gates for you.” I smiled at the reindeer. It’s going to be a while before I see him again. He licked me as a sign of affection before running towards the gates.

“So…what do you want to do now?” I raise an eyebrow as I fold my arms and face Anna who seemed to be in deep thought. “Hm…I know!” She suddenly exclaimed. “Why don’t we play in the garden?” “The garden?” “Yeah! I know a lot of secret hideouts there, let’s go!!!”

And so, this time it was her turn to drag me. Soon, we reached the gardens and wow, there seriously were a lot of hiding places.

“Where are you staying anyway?” She asked me as she swung on the swing. “Right next to your room.” I replied as I pushed her hard enough to make the swing continue swinging back and forth. “Really? Yay!!” She suddenly jumped out of her seat and tackled me to the ground. “W-woah, what’s great about that?” I ask, confused. “It’s because I’ll have someone to play with until Elsa comes out! When she does, we’ll be able to play together.” “Oh,” I simply said.

You know, all this talk about Elsa makes me really want to talk to her myself. But, I know I probably can’t unless she allows me to.

“Princess Anna! Princess Rilliane! It’s supper time!!” We hear one of the servants call out to us from the front of the garden. “Ooh, supper time!!” Anna’s eyes glinted with delight. “Do you really like eating?” “Sort of, but what I really love most is the chocolate we have for dessert.” “So you love chocolate too?” “Too? You mean love it also?” “Yeah. I sort of have a really strong sweet tooth.” “Cool! You’re like me and Elsa!!” “I am? Well, that’s great then. But we should get going if we want to eat chocolate.” “Right, right.”

At that, we both rushed to the dining hall where a long table, just like in my castle, was placed in the center. On the table, there were two quite adequate golden plates where our dinner was placed.

Sitting on our places (Anna had to sit on a cushion due to the fact that she was too small), we both began to eat our dinner whilst chatting to each other about certain things and laughing about funny moments that we shared today. It was really fun; actually, it was just like I was at home.

Soon, after a while, we had eaten our chocolate (which was the BEST chocolate I’ve ever tasted through out the whole wide dimensions) and was soon told that we should go to bed. Anna protested, obviously, but then we both knew that we would see each other as soon as we woke up in the morning.


I didn’t know what time it was when I woke up, but I didn’t care. It was still dark out so I guessed it was around midnight. I yawned as I sat up from my bed. I guess I still had energy inside me that I couldn’t sleep tonight. Jumping off my bed (which I carefully decorated with beautiful snowflakes that Anna wouldn’t think as real in case she comes in) I left the room, looking for some fun to do.

At first, I was planning on heading to the kitchen to sneak out a snack (aka box of chocolate) but then I stopped in front of Anna’s door. I wanted to wake her up badly to play with her, but then she would most probably be asleep right now so I won’t do anything.

And so, I kept walking. The halls at night seemed eerie and creepy as my footsteps caused the floors to create creaking sounds from under me. It made me scared a bit; which was strange since I’m never scared, not until I was 13. Maybe it’s because of my current child-like state. That’s most probably it.

As I walked, I soon encountered a strange door. It was white and had blue snow-flakes. Could this be Elsa’s room? My curiosity began to grow and grow until I soon couldn’t take it anymore. Gently, I knocked on the door and spoke.



Elsa’s Point of View

I instantly looked at the door. The voice of a girl reached my ears after a certain sequence of knocks. Who could it be? Was it Anna? No…Anna was a deep sleeper, I know that very well. So who could it be?

Ever so slowly, I approached the door.

“Who are you?” I asked. Could she be an intruder?! I opened my palms, ready to attack if she was. “My name is Rilliane,” The girl replied. Rilliane? Haven’t I heard that name before? “Your parents just took me in and adopted me today.” Adopted? They actually adopted?

I stared at the door with disbelief. Was she telling the truth? I didn’t know. This girl…there was something strange about her. Maybe I should continue talking to her.

“So that means you are my sister now?” I ask. “Yeah.” She replies. “I’m also just like you.” Just like me? What does she mean? “How are you just like me?” I ask. This girl was growing more suspicious in my eyes.

“I have the ability to control ice.”

My heart dropped after hearing those words. She knows?

“Did you tell Anna?” I asked almost immediately. I need to know, if not, I might hurt her like I did two nights ago. “No,” I heard her reply. Relief instantly washed over me and the rime on the doorknob (that I had not realized I had created) disappeared almost instantly. “I promised your parents—our parents that I wouldn’t.” Sighing in relief, I lean against the door.

Wait; did she say she had the ability to control ice?


Rilliane’s Point of View

“You…you can control ice just like me…?” I heard Elsa speak from the other side of the door. “Yeah. I found out the day I followed you guys here, actually.” I replied as I leaned my back against the door and slid down until I was sitting on the floor. “Does Anna know?” “No. Madeline told me not to show her before I went to bed earlier.” The coldness of the door disappeared and I could tell she was relieved.

“How is Anna?” She asked. “She’s fine,” I replied. “She trips down the stairs a lot though.” I hear laughter after that. “Sounds just like her.” Elsa spoke. “But…” I could hear sadness in her voice as she continued to speak. What happened? “She was knocking on my door all morning,” She admitted. “I didn’t know what to do so I just told her to go away.”

I stayed silent. That explains the sad face of disappointment when I met Anna. These sisters must really love each other a lot that it makes me envious of them.

“Are you still there?” She asked. “Yeah.” I replied, which was shortly after followed by a yawn. I could hear her laugh once more. “You should go to sleep, you know. It’s late and a kid like you should be in bed by now.” “I am not a kid,” I growled. Seriously, I hate being called that. “I’m only one year younger than you.” “Sure, sure. Just go to sleep.” “Fine…”

And so, I stand up. Before I can begin walking, I hear her voice once more. “Rilliane…will you come back here tomorrow?” She asked. Turning around, I smiled and replied. “Of course.” For a moment there is silence, before she speaks one more time. “…Thank you.” 

Smiling, I walked towards my bedroom door.

Things were going to get interesting form now on.

Frozen All Over

A/N: So this will be a new fanfic about Frozen wherein some of my OC’s join in. It’s technically about 35 pages from Chapters 1-5 (I’m still not done with the story yet by the way) if placed in one document but I’m going to just separate them. Anyways, here is the summary:

Rilliane is the Goddess of Time and daughter of the late King Chronos. Thanks to this fact, although, she has the ability to travel through time and enter any dimension or world. The problem is, she can’t control it. So, one day, she is suddenly transported to a different world filled with ice and snow, the world of the newly animated disney movie called Frozen.
In that world, she first learns that she is in the body of a seven year old and has lost her original powers and is given a new one. The ability of ice and snow.
This is a story on how Rilliane slowly learns the true value of having a family and how she regains the childhood she never properly had. This is also a story on how she must learn to sacrifice the things she values the most in order to save her friends; even if it means having to give up the person she loves the most to another.

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen and its characters along with some names in this story.


     Frozen All Over

       Chapter 1: The Queen’s Next Adventure Into the World of Frozen

I knew the next thing I would see is snow.

Okay, currently, at the moment, I, someone now named Rilliane Lucifen d’ Autriche, am freezing to death as I stand here, under this pile of snow.

Honestly, I have no idea what happened. One moment I’m with my friends and the next I’m stuck here, having no idea on what to do except think and ponder on how the hell to get out of this stupid snow trap.

It had been two straight hours of thinking and self-contemplating about how stupid I am currently being by not being able to think of an answer but then I soon realized that I could use my beloved abilities that I cherish so much.

But then that didn’t work either.

It seems that in this world, I don’t have my abilities and is stuck as a damn mundy (mundane/human/mortal). It annoyed me to the core that I no longer had the strength to get out of this thick pile of frozen rain that had transformed into a huge pile of snowflakes; thus creating snow.

But what irritated me more was my current body. At that moment, I was currently trapped inside a 7-year-old child embodiment of me when in fact, I am actually 16 years old and not some kid. Why do you think I have such impressive vocabulary?

Anyways, that shouldn’t be my problem right now. The most important thing for me to be worrying about right now is where the hell am I and how the fuck do I get out of this snow pile.

“Geez, if only I had my powers I could get myself out of here from this snow.” I gasped mentally. That’s not what I wanted to say. Well, actually it was; but it was more innocent that how I planned on saying it. Do you want to know what I wanted to say? I wanted to say this: ‘Damn it. If only I had my abilities then I could get myself the fuck out of this stupid shit.’ Yes. Sinful, isn’t it?

But, anyway, I don’t really care about that at the moment. I seriously need to get out of here.

And that’s when it happened.

As I struggled to break free, something strange happened. When my right hand slammed against the ground, my surroundings suddenly completely froze up. Despite making my situation a bit worse, I understood a little on what was happening.

It seems, as though, that in this world, I have the ability to control ice and snow alike. Cool, I’ve never had this kind of power before. But wait, doesn’t this sound familiar? The ability to control snow and ice…it seems as if I’ve seen someone else have this too. Must be my imagination.

Anyways, now all I have to do is worry on how to get out of this big ass of an ice block, which was formerly snow.

Just when I thought there was no hope left and that I was going to die due to hypothermia, a boy came with what seemed to be a reindeer.

He had shaggy blonde hair and seemed to be about my age. He seemed to be familiar, this boy. Have I seen him before? The reindeer too.

“Woah! How did you get stuck in there?” He asked, the expression of surprise clearly written over his face. The reindeer seemed to be surprised too. Strange. “It’s a long story.” I replied with a sheepish smile. “Can you help me, please?” “S-sure.”

The boy then brought out a small pickaxe, which was strangely attached to his bag and used it to at least break the ice.

“This is…going to take some while.” The boy scratched the back of his head. “It’s okay. As long as you can get me out of here I won’t have to worry about being frozen to death.” “Death?” Oh. It seems that I can talk like myself but just more innocently. Nice work, whoever did this to me cause I have no idea how to control my language. “You know, when people close their eyes and sleep for forever.” “Oh…that happened to my parents when I was three.”

I widened my eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—” “It’s okay.” The boy smiled. “If you say so, uh…”

“My name’s Kristoff. And this is Sven.” He pointed at the reindeer that seemed to nod. Wait, Kristoff and Sven? Sounds oddly very familiar…meh. “Nice to meet you, Kristoff and Sven. My name is Rilliane Lucifen d’ Autriche.” “That sounds like a fancy name.” “It does, doesn’t it?” I smiled before muttering softly. “Too bad it’s not mine…” “What was that?” “Nothing.”

After a while, he was soon finally able to break the ice and I could finally move again. “I’m FREE!!!” I shouted happily as I jumped up and down. Because of that although, ice crystals began to sprout from the ground while sparks of magic flew around me.

“What the…” Kristoff was shocked and so was Sven. Well of course they were. It’s not everyday that you see someone with magic; except in my world since magic is like the number one most common thing.

Hold on a sec, what if they hate me because I have magic? Will they call me a witch like they did to my mom when she was the only mage in the entire world? “Uh…please don’t freak out or call me a witch.” I pleaded softly.

Much to my surprise, he shook his head and smiled brightly. “I would never do that! You have an awesome superpower!! It’s ice too!!!” I smiled back; relieved he didn’t hate me. “Thank you.”

“Anyways, let’s get out of here,” He spoke. He then hopped on Sven before grabbing my hand and pulling me up to sit behind him. “Go, Sven!”

With that, the small reindeer ran through the forest. It was pretty fun actually. Maybe if I focus, I can make my own ice reindeer so I won’t have to bother Sven that much. But I’ll do that another day.

After a while, we soon reached the end of the forest and were greeted by the familiar sight of a nice, clean road. “This path leads to the kingdom, Arendelle.” He told me. Arendelle? Yet another familiar name.

Suddenly, though, I was snapped out of my trance when two large horses ran past us. There were two people on each horse and a trail of ice seemed to follow after it.

Realizing that both Kristoff and me were curious, we both sped off and chased after the group.

Soon, we reached a strange valley filled with rocks and decided to hide behind a few. From where we hid we could see the people from earlier standing in the middle of a large circle of rocks.

There were four of them. Two were adults and the other two were probably their children. They seemed to be wearing royal outfits so I guessed they were the royal family. What caught my attention, although, were their children.

The older one of the two was a girl with icy white hair who seemed to be extremely worried for her younger sibling. Now, the younger one was a girl with hazelnut brown hair who had a long white streak of white at the side. She was lying unconscious in her dad’s arms.

I don’t know what happened but the sight seemed REALLY familiar. Where had I seen it before?

“Anyone, please save my daughter.” The king pleaded. Suddenly, the rocks around them came to life and what seemed to be the elder approached the king. “What happened?” The rock troll asked. “My daughter was hit by ice.” The king replied. The troll inspected the young girl and looked at them. “It seems that she was only hit on the head. The heart would have been trickier but the mind can be persuaded.”

And so, all of a sudden, pictures of the girl and her sister were projected on the sky. The older one seemed to have powers like me, based on what I saw in the pictures. I noticed that the troll was replacing the girls memories with fake ones, all which were them playing in the snow that was supposed to be created by her sister but now with them just merely playing in winter.

After that, the troll began telling the older girl how her ability will be a gift but a curse if she lets fear take over her. Noticing that since we had the same ability, I took note of that and made sure to follow it. Good thing I don’t have that much fears.

When all that was over, the group went to return to their castle. As I watched them, I just knew I had to follow them.

“Kristoff, I’m going to follow them.” I told him sternly. “What? You can’t! They’re the royal family!!” He exclaimed. “I know, but,” I stared at the trail of ice. “For some reason, I just get the feeling that I have to be with them all the way.”

He stared at me for a moment before sighing. “Fine. But make sure Sven comes back!” I smiled. “Thank you, Kristoff.” I kissed his cheek softly, which caused him to blush. Cute. I then got on Sven and grinned. “See you.”

And so, I sped off and followed the trail of ice. “Sorry, Sven. For making you do this for me.” I told the reindeer. He just snorted and neighed. “Although I have no idea what you said, thank you. I’ll be sure you return to your best friend.”

With that, we continued to follow the trail until soon; we were inching closer towards the castle. “They’re closing the doors, hurry Sven!” I exclaimed quietly. At that, he sped up faster and we were able to pass the gates on time. Getting off him, I searched for the stables since it seemed like the most logical place to hide, especially since Sven is with me.

“Come on,” I ushered the reindeer to follow me after spotting the stables and instantly hid before the guards could see us. The other horses whined and neighed and I knew it would catch attention. “Hide!”

With that, Sven and me hid inside the haystack, seeing as we could fit perfectly. At that moment, one of the guards entered and examined the area. “I swear I remember locking this up…” The guard muttered before locking the door once again.

Realizing he was gone, I exhaled a deep breath of air that I had no idea I was holding in. “Well, it doesn’t look like you can get out now,” I sighed. Sven grunted. “But don’t worry, the moment morning comes I’ll make sure you get out of here.” I gently caressed his fur. “Until now, let’s hit the hay. Literally.”

With that, we both fell asleep.


A/N: I forgot to mention that this chapter (and possibly only this chapter) is rated T for the mild swearing earlier.
But anyways, this was Frozen All Over Chapter 1 🙂

The Preternatural Life of Lady Lucifen, Prolouge: If Only We Were Happy Forever

Disclaimer: I don’t own some of the names here.


The Preternatural Life of Lady Lucifen


It was winter in the all powerful country, Lucifenia. Snow poured down from the skies as families stayed in their homes and sat by the warm fire that produced heat for everyone to share. As this happened, a young girl now at the age of 10 sat on a royal purple chair as a beautiful cake was laid before her.

A smile graced upon her lips as she stared at the small fire that was lit on each of the ten candle’s tips, its light reflecting against her crystal blue eyes that showed excitement and happiness.


She looked up, only to see a beautiful woman and handsome man smiling at her warmly, reminding her of the candles.

“Papa! Mama!!”

The blue eyed child jumped out of her seat and hugged her parents tightly; her smile brighter than before. They laughed and her father picked her up and carried her by the shoulder.

“Hahaha, happy birthday Celestia.” Her father grinned. She grinned back, the smile similar as to her father’s.

“We have a present for you that we’re very sure you’ll like.” Her mother told her. “Really? Where? Where?” She looked around in anticipation, excited to see this gift. “You’ll have to close your eyes first.” Her father said. “Eh~ But why?” “Alright then, I guess you won’t be getting your present anymore…” “Wah! Alright, alright! I’ll close my eyes so just please give me my present.” She closed her eyes while her parents laughed. “Good, stay here for a while we go get it, and no peeking.”

At that, he gently placed her down on the chair while he left with her mother to the room. “Can I open my eyes now?!” She shouted, knowing that they wouldn’t hear her by just simply speaking. “No!!” Her father shouted back. “Aww…” She muttered to herself.

Soon, her parents finally exited the room with their hands behind their back. “Alright, you can open your eyes now.” Her father said. Immediately she opened her eyes. “Where is it? Where’s my present?” She asked, the excitement growing more and more. “Right here.”

At that, they showed her their present/s, revealing a silver necklace with four beautiful stones attached to it. One stone was red, the other was blue, the third was green, and the fourth was earth brown.

She smiled brightly as she stared at the stones in amazement. “They’re so beautiful…” She managed to breathe out. Suddenly, the stones began to glow brightly, as if they were responding to her. “Woah…”

“Say hello to Efreet, Undine, Sylph, and Gnome (A/N: This is in order)” Her father smiled. “They have names?!” “Yes. You see, Celestia, these are actually spirit stones.” Her mother told her. “Spirit stones? What are those?” She asked. “Spirit stones are special stones used to keep spirits inside them. They’re like container except for spirits.” “Oh…now I get it!!” She looked at the stones again before smiling. “Hello, Efreet, Undine, Sylph, Gnome! Let’s be friends!!” She watched as the said four glowed even brighter than before, telling her that they were happy.

“Anyways, have you blown your candles yet?” Her father asked. She shook her head. “No, but I will!!” At that, she faced the cake that she had been staring at earlier. In her mind, she counted to three before candle’s fire out. “What did you wish for, dear?” Her mother asked. She grinned playfully. “Secret!” They all began to laugh as the night went on while a wish stayed in her heart.

I wish me, Efreet, Undine, Sylph, and Gnome will be happy forever and ever.

The Preternatural Life of Lady Lucifen, Chapter 1: My Only Friends

The Preternatural Life of Lady Lucifen

Chapter 1

Loser. No-good. Weakling. Pathetic. Those names ringed in a certain thirteen year old girl’s head as she exhaustingly ascended the stairs to the second floor. Clumsy. Poor. Dumb. Peasant. She sighed as she walked down the hallway leading to her room which was at the end. Coward. Dark Shadow. Fake Princess.She stopped right in front of her door as the last name stayed in her mind. Unconsciously, her grip on the bronze door knob tightened as she began to tremble with anger. “I am not a fake princess…” She muttered to herself as she bit her lip with lots of pressure, seething. “I am NOTHING like you Valliere…”

At this point, her lip was bleeding and she was surprisingly leaving a dent on the door knob due to too much pressure.

“I am not a coward…I am not clumsy…I am not dumb…and most of all…I am not, and never will be…” The door knob was now beginning to melt under her touch as she began to radiate immense heat. “…a peasant!”

At that, the door blasted open by an unknown force and the area behind and next to her was in flames.

She panted heavily as her eyes glowed bright red as if a fire was lit inside them, wanting to get out. Her palms were filled with sweat and were bright red due to the pressure she had caused on them earlier. Every part of her body ached as she just stood there in anger; ignoring the massive damage she had caused behind her.

“Celestia! Celestia!!” She could hear the familiar voice of her mother call out to her along with light footsteps ascending the now burnt staircase. Soon, the footsteps stopped a few meters away from her and she could hear her mother gasp, mostly because of the sight in front of her.

“Celestia…did you do this?” She heard her mother ask. “…” She didn’t reply and just dropped to the ground, even more exhausted than before. “You got into another fight again, didn’t you?” She could hear her mother’s feathery-like footsteps approach her slowly; telling her she was going to comfort her again.

Remembering her mother’s question, she nodded slowly; her eyes staring intensely on the ground. She could hear a soft sigh coming from her mother and knew she was going to receive pity from her once again.

From the corner of her eye, she could see blue elegant shoes next to her, immediately recognizing them as her mother’s.

“You need to stop hurting yourself, Celestia.” And there it was; the beginning of her sympathy. “…” Once again, she didn’t reply and just stayed silent. She really didn’t feel like talking, especially after she had wasted all her energy just a few minutes ago. Plus, you really aren’t supposed to say something when someone is trying to comfort you.

Despite that, although, Celestia really wanted to tell her mom that she (herself) wasn’t the cause of all her pain. She wanted to tell her (her mom) that the reason why she was like this every day was because of the annoying, stupid, fake princess, Louise Valliere.

“If you continue on like this, you’ll just end up getting hurt until you won’t be able to accept life anymore.” Her mother continued. Alright, this time, she wanted to talk back; but was immediately stopped. “And yes, sweetie. It is going to happen since I’ve been there before.” She practically rolled her eyes and looked away even more.

Once again, she heard her mother sigh. “Celestia…if you don’t want to go there anymore, then don’t. Just say the word and your father and I will take care of the rest.” Immediately, she (Celestia) shook her head and finally spoke. “N…no…” “But Celestia, you’ll only get hurt even more if you stay there.” “I’m doing this for the four…mom…” “Celestia…”

The said girl stood up slowly and took a deep breath. She placed her hands together and closed her eyes shut. Suddenly, strange green runes began to surround her along with a strong wind that somehow encased her inside it. Soon, she opened her eyes, revealing bright emerald green orbs that resembled a certain green stone. She then pulled her hands apart from each other, causing a light green orb of light to appear. This light began to grow and grow until it soon engulfed the area. After a while, the light died out and surprisingly, all the damage she had caused earlier had disappeared and it was like nothing had ever happened. The wind and the runes disappeared as well while her eyes returned to its normal color.

She heard her mother sigh the third time that day but didn’t bother to look at her. “You really care about them, don’t you?” “…” “I knew it.” Once again, she didn’t say anything but just opened the door to her room. Before she closed it behind her, she heard her mother once again. “We’re going to send you to another school so you better prepare for tomorrow.” Click.

She closed the door and slowly walked to her bed. Once she was close enough, she landed on it softly before facing the ceiling. Sighing, she spoke. “Sorry guys, I guess there’s nothing I can do to change mom’s mind…”

At that moment, four floating beings appeared, surrounding her bed and looking at her. “Don’t worry, Celestia. We’ll be fine.” One of them said. This one was blue all over. She had long black ears and wore strange…’revealing’ clothing. “How can you tell me that, Undine? You’ve wanted to escape these stones for centuries.” Celestia said, completely unsatisfied with her (Undine) answer. “Meh, cheer up kid! We’ll find a way somehow.” Said the third. She had green puffy hair and wore goggles a pilot would wear before test driving an airplane. She also wore clothes fit for a professional pilot. “Yeah, and that will take forever, Sylph.” Celestia sighed once again. “Maybe, but what if forever won’t be as long as you think.” Said the first creature. This one looked like he had just been torn off from a volcano and was given a soul. “What do you mean, Efreet?” She asked, feeling as if they were getting on to something.

We over heard your parents last night and they said they were sending you to a school called Rieze Maxia or something.” Said the fourth being. This one was small cute and seemed to be lying down on a minimized earth. “Gnome, did you just say Rieze Maxia?” Celestia asked, surprised. “Did I say it wrong?” “No. It’s just that…” “That Rieze what’s it called thing is a school for special kids who can control spirits, right?” Sylph asked as placed her hands behind her head. Celestia nodded in reply. “So they’re sending you there because you can control us?” Efreet asked. “That’s great news then. That school must know something about how to transfer spirits from stones.” Undine said. “Yeah, and I’ll finally be able to get you guys out!!” Celestia exclaimed, a smile on her face.

Well, we haven’t gotten all day. Start packing!” Sylph said as she pulled Celestia up from the bed. “Roger that!!” She (Celestia) replied. At that, she began packing her needed items for tomorrow as excitement continued to fill her.

Meanwhile though, the four were having a private conversation. “Hey, isn’t that school the one where once you get in, you’ll never get out until you graduate high school?” Sylph asked. “I’m afraid it is.” Undine said. “So Celestia will never see her family and friends again?” Gnome asked. “The family part is true but the friends part…”Efreet and the others looked at the girl of the topic sadly. “I’m afraid she won’t have to worry about that, seeing as we’re her only friends…” The four sighed before returning to Celestia to help her pack.

Celestia…please find a way to make your wish come true.


The Preternatural Life of Lady Lucifen, Chapter 2: Entering Rieze Maxia

Okay…so this chapter is going to be really short but please deal with it.
Disclaimer: I do not own some of the names in this story or the characters. Thank you.


The Preternatural Life of Lady Lucifen

Chapter 2

Celestia’s mouth hung open as she stared at the tall school in front of her. She never expected it to be this big!!

“You four…are you seeing this right now?” She asked her four spirits. “We sure as hell can” Sylph replied, the same expression her master has written all over her face. “I think I’m going to get dizzy just staring at it” Gnome spoke as he stared dizzily at the tall building. “My, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something this big before!” Undine exclaimed. “The bigger the place the more stuff to burn.” Efreet seemed to grin evilly. “Efreet!!” “What?”

Celestia just giggled at her spirits, until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Facing behind her, she saw her father smiling at her. “Ah, hi, dad!” She grinned at her father.

“So are all your things ready? You might’ve left some of your things back at the house.” “What? Of course not!!” “Oh really? Then I guess you won’t be needing this anymore.”

Her father showed her two beautiful stones similar to the ones hung around her neck. One of the stones was pure white while the other was pure black. “Ah! Alyss!! Alice!!” Celestia grabbed the two stones and held them next to her.

“Mou, why didn’t you tell me sooner??” Celestia pouted. Her father just laughed.

At that moment, their mother had entered the conversation. “Now, now, Allen. We can’t make Celestia late for her first day in her new school, right?” Her mother smiled. “You’re right, Rilliane. Sorry,” Her father smiled apologizingly.

Celestia smiled before speaking. “Well, I’ll see you when I can, I guess.” “Don’t forget to send us letters every once in a while, alright?” Her mother reminded her. “I know mom.” “And don’t even think about dating any boys without my permission.” Her father said jokingly. “Haha, dad.” “I’m just saying,”

Celestia smiled before hugging them both. “Bye mom, dad,” “You too, Celstia. Take care.” Her mother spoke. Pulling away, Celestia nodded and grabbed her bag and guitar case. “I’ll see you, I guess…” She added the last part quietly before walking away, not forgetting to take a second glance of course.

And that was when her new life in Rieze Maxia began.